Data Requests

Record Level Data Request Process

  1. A data request needs to be completed for record level data. Please complete the data inquiry form to get a Data Request ID before you can complete your request.
  2. Complete this APPLICATION FORM and the data elements available from the shopping cart by using your Data Request ID.
  3. Send application form and research protocol to: For research requests Research Ethics Board (REB) approval will also be required if not already obtained. BORN can provide a letter of support to go with your application following internal approval of your request by our Research Review Group. This group meets every 2nd Wednesday of each month and new submissions will be reviewed. Only complete research protocol will be reviewed. Please complete all sections if applicable. Project Title, Team Members, Objectives and hypothesis, Backgroung/Rationale, Methods-Population/Sample Size/Project Design/Planned Analysis, Team Expertise, Planned Linkages with other datasets (if applicable), Analysis tables requested (if applicable), funding.
  4. The Application Form consists of four sections. Each section requires input from the applicant. As only complete Application Forms will be considered, please review all sections and requirements carefully.
  5. BORN Ontario will conduct a risk assessment for potential privacy concerns on the data elements identified as quasi-identifiers requested in the dataset. Data will be de-identified and suppressed to minimize the risk of re-identification to an acceptable level (risk threshold). Before any health data is provided by BORN Ontario, data requestors will be required to enter into a separate RESEARCH AGREEMENT (Contract).
  6. In addition to the terms of the RESEARCH AGREEMENT each person who will have access to the record level data is required to sign at the time of the execution of the contract a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT FORM if no such forms have been signed with own institution.